WW1 & WW2 Military History Demonstrations by Doug

Doug is an instructor and public relations officer with 3 Company Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force, and is passionate about military history. Doug offers free-of-charge educational talks and demonstrations based on his thirty years of research and extensive collection of military equipment and artefacts. These talks present the opportunity to learn about history by handling original objects, and better understand how equipment and technology shaped these great conflicts. The collection includes an extensive variety of items recovered from WW1 battlefields, such as shrapnel, grenades, shells, bayonets, rifles, footwear and personal items, some found by Doug himself. All items are completely and demonstratively safe and in compliance with the law, and Doug is CRB checked and certified.

The Second World War collection includes a wide variety of items from home front life in Britain and Germany, as well as battlefield recovered items from the Eastern Front, and uniform and equipment from the war in The Pacific. It includes a collection of items salvaged from German U-Boat U-534, such as one of its one-man lifeboats, a complete tool kit from the engine room, and many personal items recovered from the wreck.

Doug regularly attends historical re-enactments, takes part in remembrance events and travels to battlefields around Europe. He also provides military advice, props and costumes for theatrical productions including 'Journey's End' (EADS production 2018) 'Girl in the Glass' (Combined Actors of Cambridge, 2018) and 'Sailor Beware' (EADS 2019).

Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium (D Stuart Photography)
British Anti Gas equipment, 1939-45 (D Stuart Collection)
WW1 documents and medals (D Stuart Collection)
US Army Airforce equipment, 1941-45 (D Stuart Collection)
British officer's equipment, 1914-18 (D Stuart Collection)
Excavated items from the Battle for Berlin, 1945 (D Stuart Collection)
Evacuee display, 1939 (D Stuart Collection)
German U-Boat lifeboat, recovered from the wreck of U-534, which was sunk in The Kattegat Sea in 1945. This inflatable boat was salvaged from the wreck in 1993. (D Stuart Collection)
British Army Infantry and Artillery equipment, 1914-18 (D Stuart Collection)
Doug dressed as a Royal Artillery Sergeant, c.1916
Identity bracelet of Lieutenant C N Curwen, killed in France in 1916 (D Stuart Collection)
Doug demonstrating an Anti-Tank rifle at a 1940's weekend, 2016
British rifle, excavated at Flers-Courcelette, 2009 (D Stuart Collection)
Doug in full WW1 kit as a British infantryman c.1917. (D Stuart Photography)
German Army equipment, 1914-18 (D Stuart Collection)
US Army combat equipment, 1943-45 (D Stuart Collection)
German helmet found on The Somme, 2003. (D Stuart Collection)
Commemorative Plaque sent to the widow of Private Richard Harris, killed in France 1917, with letter from King George V. (D Stuart Collection)
British Army personal kit 1939-45 (D Stuart Collection)
Imperial Japanese Army Personal Equipment, 1941-45 (D Stuart Collection)
German Army Personal Kit 1939-45 (D Stuart Collection)